Tuesday, December 21, 2010

.::The full layout::..

I just can't get a good enough picture of the icicles. They look so real in real life! I can't wait to do more with them. I don't know where I got this poinsettia file...but it sure turned out cute. I don't care for poinsettias so that's saying a lot!

Have a great Tuesday!!

Monday, December 20, 2010

..::Christmas Layout::..

I worked on this for what seems like forever. Everyday I stared at it with no idea what I wanted to do with it. Today it all just fell right into place. I designed the icicles in SCAL. Cut them out with Acetate and stickled them. BAD idea! Once dry the stickles flaked right off!! I stickled them again and covered them in Judi Kins Diamond Glaze. PERFECT!! Here's a little piece of the layout. Full picture tomorrow when I can take it outside. I had to scan this bit just to get it too look right...ugh!

..::Super fast Christmas cards::..

I'm such a procrastinator! No matter how soon I get started so I'm ahead of the game - I somehow end up a last minute mailer...every single year! UGH!!!!

I did add some stickles to the snowflakes after having taken the picture and it really looked not as simple. I just love that Santa stamp!

Hope you all have a great week! I will be wrapping and baking mine away!!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

..::Tobias' Christmas Tree::..

When the big boys were little I always decorated a tree and put in their rooms. I was so excited to do this for Tobias too! Last year he had all baby stuff on his tree and his topper was a baby bottle. So cute. This year tho...that wouldn't quite fit. So! I decided to make his ornaments with my cricut and decorate his tree in his favorite "Mo Mo". Can you believe we didn't have any red lights here?! I had to get them on Ebay and pay 8 dollars for 35 lights!! YIKES!! All in all I think it turned out pretty cute. I used Sesame Stree Friends, Elmos's Party and Sesame Street Font.

Have a good weekend!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

..::Christmas Card::..

I made this card for a dear friend and her family. She has cats and loves them and her Don loves to fish so what better card could there be?! I think it turned out pretty darn cute!!

~*~ Tobias had his surgery today. It went very well. The Dr. could NOT find ANYTHING unusual once he got in there except a muscle seems to be thickened and he's thinking that is whats causing the knot. I need to speak with Tobias' Dr. and just make sure this matches up with the sonogram where they confirmed the lymph node and then I'll be happy this nightmare is over and it turned out to be NOTHING!! ~*~

Hope you all have a great evening!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

..::Tobias Baking::..

Just wanted to share a photo of my baby "making" (more like eating) his first batch of cookies. He tasted a bit of everything but he loved the brown sugar (EWW!) the most and his face is just priceless when it comes to the chocolate chips! Over look his jammies he just had a nap and I promise they do fit him...his belly hangs out because Bub was helping him stand on the chair.

..::Snowman Ornament::..

I decided to take my snowman and make him a snow globe too!! Tobias Zadoc loves his Elmo so this is his ornament. I can't wait to show him when he wakes up!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

..::Mom's Christmas Card::..

Not my favorite one...It seems plain and I'm not sure why...any how this is one is for my mom. I'm going to make one more...and then I'm done.

I've made a layout of Trev when he was little and playing in snow and made a snow globe ...it looks pretty cute!! Will post that tomorrow probably!!

Have a great week!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

..::New Snowglobe Card::..

OK maybe I'm becoming addicted...

My brother and nieces and nephews really like getting my cards (yay!) So this one is for them. I hope they'll love it. It's my favorite so far!

I added the green background one...I'm not sure if it shows it off better or not :-S I need to stop playing and make dinner!

Happy Saturday!

Friday, December 3, 2010

..::Our Angel::..

I shed a lot of tears making this layout. My mom's boss' daughter's 6 year old daughter was diagnosed with brain cancer a month ago and she passed away Wednesday night. I just can't imagine and it's so horrible to think about. They are donating a tree and ornaments in the little girls honor to the Ronald McDonald house and taking pictures and making a scrapbook. This page will be the first page in the scrapbook. I hope I never have to make another page like this one...

Hug and kiss your little ones because tomorrow isn't promised...unfortunately.

Hope you all have a good weekend.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

..::Santa Baby::..

These are last years Christmas pictures of Tobias Zadoc. He LOVED the Christmas tree and is always so cooperative with the camera...too much sometimes even! I used one of Beggahuna's sketches. I LOVE her work! (click her name and it will take you to her sketchs) and the paper is My Minds Eye.

Hope you all are having a great week!

Monday, November 29, 2010

..::New Snow Globe Card::..

I got the supplies in today for my new snow globe card!! I love the little reindeer from Create a Critter and couldn't wait to try him out. I was disappointed to learn in order to emboss on clear anything it has to be transparency FILM. Which I do not have! UGH! But I made do with the puffy velvet and acetate for now. I think it turned out pretty cute!! I couldn't get a good photo so I just scanned it for now. It should be open a little.

Hope you all have a fantabulous week!

Sunday, November 28, 2010


Not sure what I'm going to do with these yet. They could be ornaments or they could go on a card or they could be tags...oh the possibilities! I designed them in SCAL and cut them from chipboard. I then used Tim Holtz (I think I'm forming an addiction here...) distress crackle paint. I let that dry and then I put just a tad vintage photo distress ink over them. I then used my Peachy Keen snowmen face stamps to make the face. The first snowman I made I used momento ink to stamp the face. NIGHTMARE! It blurred all over. I then used Staz-On and while it didn't stamp as dark as I wish it would of I was able to go over it with a black pen. I colored the nose in with my orange Zig marker. Distress inked the ribbons and that's pretty much it. I think they turned out very cute!!

Again if anyone would want the files in SCAL just let me know!

Hope you all have a great week!!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

..::Dear Santa::..

When I seen this pattern I knew exactly why I HAD to have it!! One morning I woke up and something smelled so good! I didn't think much of it and proceeded to get out of bed and head to the bathroom. On the way I have to pass Tobias' bed. His bed looked odd...the cherry wood was gray! I then realized my baby boy resembled something close to Casper. It all started adding up...he was able to reach the baby powder off his dresser and had a grand time decorating his bed and himself...I didn't think we'd EVER be done cleaning that up! Silly boy! Thank God he was breathing OK, I was worried about his having inhaled all that!!

The pattern is from LSHD except the stocking is from Christmas Cheer, the coal I made in SCAL and the file folder and font I made in SCAL.

Hope you all have great weekend!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

..:: Snow globe card::..

Hope you all had a fantabulous Thanksgiving! Ours was quiet and yummy!

I found a video on you tube showing how to make this very cute card. While I wait for the right supplies to come in I decided to try with what I already had. It's far from perfect but it's so cute and clever!! I did make a cut file for the globe in SCAL if anyone wants, just let me know and I'll be happy to share.

I will have a layout to share tomorrow I hope. Just waiting to get my pictures printed! (hope Santa brings me a new printer!)

Have a great weekend!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

..::An "old" Christmas card::..

I ordered my first set of Tim Holtz stamps. I was intimidated by them for a long while. I'm not crazy about this card by any means but I do so love that I made this card out of all white cardstock to start with!!! Inking is addictive! I embossed the sheet music to give it shine and inked my ribbon to try and make it look old. Not bad for a first attempt but I definitely won't be giving it to anyone!!

Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

..::Kids Thanksgiving Card::..

I made this card for my nieces and nephews. The turkey is a pattern from LSHD. Love her work. I had to put this together real fast as it takes 3 days to get to them and for some reason I totally lost track of time. So when I realized it was now or never I had to get right to work! I think it turned out OK for a hurry!

Hope you all have a great week and a great Thanksgiving!! We are staying home this year and having a big dinner, movies, just good old fashioned family time. Surgery is 2 weeks away and I'm trying so hard to keep it together. Hoping Thursday we can just enjoy the day!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

..::Kids Christmas Cards::..

I made these for some of my nieces and nephews. I do not like the reindeer one and don't think I'll use it. It just isn't cute! I do love the Santa one tho! I used patterns from myscrapchick.com and right now they are having a 65% off sale!! WOoHoO!!

Hope you all have a fantabulous Friday!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

..::You Warm My Heart::..

Been working on this all week. FINALLY got to finish it today!!
Patterns are from Treasure Box Designs. LOVE her stuff!!

Hope you all have a great Sunday and week!!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

..::Bub's Birthday Card::..

Very hard to believe my baby is 16!! I wanted his card to match his present and this was the only beagle cut file I could find, so he got a Christmas birthday card. I tried to make Mavis. I think it turned out cute. The red ribbon on it is the ribbon we tied on Mavis the day she came home.

I got the cut file from Dana's Designs.

She has some cute stuff so be sure and check it out!!

Hope you all are having a great weekend. We all had the stomach flu!! YUCK!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

..::A little Hiatus::..

I am working on some things but nothing ever gets finished. There is way too much going on at the moment. Tobias has to have surgery to have an enlarged lymph node removed, Tyler got a beagle puppy for his birthday, Brent broke some ribs, ...I could go on..

In the meantime I wanted to share a precious picture of Tyler and Miss Mavis. He got Mavis as a surprise 16th birthday present. He was floored. I think it was love at first sight tho...he's laughed a zillion times over this silly clumsy puppy and it's so very good to hear.

Hope you all have a great week and I hope to have something posted soon.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I wanted to make something for the lady that Tyler works with twice a week. The end of this month she'll close the store for the season and Tyler is really not looking forward to that. He really likes being with her and learning from her.

I wanted to make her a little something so I made this layout of him and her and then I framed it. It's not the best job ever but I have had some serious issues with walking and couldn't spend the time I would of normally on it. I think it still turned out OK!

Hope you all are having a great week :)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

..::I heart you::..

I worked on this card for a few days. I just couldn't figure out what I wanted to do. I think it came together nicely today tho!!

Coloring with ProMarkers - I think I might be getting the hang of them!
paper is Cosmo Cricket
Flowers are prima mini roses
and the stamp of course is Magnolia! I'm forming a very unhealthy addiction to those!

Hope you all have a great day!

Monday, October 4, 2010

..::Witch Tilda easel card::..

I made my first ever easel card. I like how it turned out. I used my ProMarkers to color it.
I've had a very busy weekend and will visit blogs this evening I hope!

Hope you all have a fantabulous week!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

..::Fall Tilda::..

I accidentally bought this stamp thinking it was a witch but I love it anyways!! I used my promarkers which I hated at first. I never used markers and was sure I'd never get the hang of it! But, I think with time and patience I'll do fine.

I cut the leaves and acorns from Mickey and Friends cartridge.

Happy first day of Fall!!! I love this time of year...now someone just remind Mother Nature that 97 degrees is NOT Fall like!!! UGH!

Have a great Thursday!!

Monday, September 20, 2010


I added to my moms card. I put jewels on the end of the antennae and I added the stamped "I love you". I also added jewels inside but forgot to take a picture of that!! DUH!

I made both the boxes for them. My mom's was the first box I made so hers ended up with patterned paper on the bottom ugh! And it was my last sheet...so no fixing that!! I also made the roses out of mulberry paper.

The blue card is a card I made for Bub's teacher. I decided the pink and green one from earlier looked cheap and I didn't care for Brent's shading on the stool. It looked messy I guess.

I'm finally starting to get over this cold (I hope!) Maybe life will return to normal sometime in the near future!!

Lots of blog catching up to do!!

Have a great week!! :)

Friday, September 17, 2010

..::Magnolia Cards::..

Not sure what I'm doing with these yet. The purple one will be my mom's birthday card - she loves purple- the others...not sure yet! I made all the flowers except the purple ones. The pictures didn't turn out so well I need new batteries like yesterday! I think I'm off to have a nap...I still don't feel well. Horrible cold I have!!

Have a great weekend!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

..::Thank You Card::..

I ordered my first ever Magnolia stamps and I can't wait to get the rest of them!! My uber husband drew the seat and I scanned it and cut with SCAL. It's very simple but I am so sick I can't stand myself so simple was good enough for me!

Hope you all are having a fantabulous week! I am going to try my hand at a fancier Tilda card!!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

..::Anniversary Card::..

My little brother and his wife just celebrated their 1st Anniversary yesterday and of course I had to make a card!! It was so much work with tearing and computer crashes...I think I cut the people out 7 times all together. OI! Before I sent it off I added some pearls to the woman's neck and wrist and the saying at the bottom of the card. All in all I think it turned out OK!!

Hope you all are having a great weekend. It's been crazy busy here with some of the craziest things happening. You couldn't make some of this up!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

..:: Birthday Party::..

I finally got around to scrapping some of Tobias' first Birthday! I still have to add the journaling and do a few more pages. I struggled with this a great deal and I'm not sure why. It didn't turn out like I had pictured it but at least it's done!!

I used patterns from Myscrapchick and Little Scraps of Heaven.

2 more days until school starts :( I'm having such a hard time with it this year. It's hard to feel like you're sending your children into the lions den each day...I really hope this year is different.

Hope you all have a great week.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

..:: Monkey Cards ::..

I haven't felt much like scrapping for the past month. I'm still shocked it's been that long. I'm discouraged with Provo Craft. For many reasons. I love my cricut I just don't like the way they are choosing to promote carts, machines, what have you. I really don't like the way they chose to separate us either. The cricut circle I mean. All this time I thought my dollar was just as good as the next persons. I spose I was wrong. I don't know. It's something I think about a good deal.

At any rate...here are some cards I made this evening. The monkeys are from MYSCRAPCHICK junglezootoo. It's a very cute set. My cards are simple. I don't have any mojo :( Just got some pictures developed so hopefully that helps.

School starts this week. Can't believe summer is over. :(

Hope you all have a great weekend!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

..::Out of this World::..

I've been waiting and waiting to get the Robotz cartridge! When Bub was little he was obsessed with Robots. He still is to a certain degree...only now he wants to build them from more than just legos. When I seen this cartridge I knew this was the ONE cartridge I HAD to have. It came this morning and me and Bub got right to work.

Here's our first of many!

Hope you all are having a fantabulous week!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

..:: Is Frustrated! ::..

I always loved to read the cricut boards...inspiration, enabling, etc etc. Now it's like watching paint dry trying to get into the boards. Ridiculous! I've sent in the questionnaire about their "maintenance" and still it's been like 2 months of wait 3 minutes for a page to load. Totally discouraged and lost :( Where to lurk now :(

OK back to your regularly scheduled program...

Friday, June 25, 2010

..:: Princess Layout::..

I made this layout for some pictures of my niece. I think it turned out OK. Boy was it difficult making a girl layout! OI!

Hope you all have a great weekend!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

..::What I'm Working On::..

I want to make something girly. I have no girls but I had to have these faces from myscrapchick and so now I have to make something pretty! I don't like the cut outs of the printed bits. So I cut it myself with my cricut and highlighted and shaded as needed. I think she's looking pretty princess like! Now to brainstorm the layout... The picture of course is way lighter than the real thing but it's the best I can do with no sun!

Hope you all are having a great weekend. We are melting here again!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

..::The Pampered Chef::..

Brent HAD to get Tobias a stove. He played with his cousins stove and loved the opening and closing of doors so we set out to find him a stove. Oh my word, you would of thought we were shopping for a new car. We found a lot. Brent hated every one of them. Each one he didn't like the door. I found a garage sale on craigslist with a kitchen stove set. I e-mailed and asked if she'd consider selling before the sale...YES!! She would! So...Tobias got the stove of Brent's dreams for...*drum roll* 5.00!!! I could not resist scrapping this. I've got to come up with a journaling tag..I have a plan but not sure yet.

Hope you all are having a fantabulous week! We are melting here!~

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

..::H2OH baby! ::..

Trever and Tobias swimming last week! I love love love these pictures. Trever has a hard time connecting with Tobias and this was just so special. Tobias' first time in the water and Trever loved feeling responsible (dad and I were RIGHT there) and he loves water so he was so in his element and I do believe Mr. Tobias is going to love it as much as Trev! Ducks are from myscrapchick of course! I used Thickers for the title...I'm not sure it's easy enough to read.

Hope you all are having a great week!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

..::King of Cute::..

I really like this design but am ready to move away from it for now! Last one this way! This is a picture of Tobias...5/5/2009 - 3 weeks old and he rolled from his back to his side! Precious little man he is! Patterns are from Myscrapchick.com You can't see the crown real well but it has jewels in it. I think it turned out OK!

..::Brent's Birthday Card::..

I used a pattern from Little Scraps of Heaven Designs and designed my own clouds in SCAL out of pure laziness! It was a fast card but I think it turned out cute.

Changing My Blog Name

After some thought (not very much) I've decided to change my Blog name. My niece, who is such a sweetie and I wish daily lived near me has called me Aunt Elmo since she was 3 or 4. She's 10 now and I'm still Aunt Elmo...

Soooo in honor of my sweet girl, I am changing my blog name to Aunt Elmo's World! How cute right?!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

..::Purrfect Pals::..

I made this layout for my niece. She is 8 and they've just adopted two kittens. One orange and one black! Very cute they are. I hope she'll love this. I've asked her mom to pick her up a frame for it. The photo will slide under the words. I think I might add some flowers...I'm so use to doing boy layouts I forget I can get girly!!

Hope you all are having a great weekend!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

..::FuNnY fArM::..

Here is the layout all finished up!! I am so pleased with it!!!!! I might attempt page 2...not sure tho! This was a lot of work! The little paper pieced mouse is so small! BUT the hardest piece was...the pig!! Yes the pig! I could NOT get it to look right! The picture is horrid...will take a new one tomorrow!!

Have a GREAT rest of the week!!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

..::Trying to get back to "normal"::..

It's been a rough week + but I'm fighting way back into the everyday life. I have never in my life felt so horribly bad about a situation where I knew no one involved. I wish I wasn't so "overly sensitive" ...If only I had a penny for every time someone called me that...My heart is just broken for these babies...I know God has a plan...I just can't see what that is just yet...

At any rate, I'm working on some new paper piecings. I seen the cutest layout on ebay by craftyemg and just have to scraplift the concept! I can't imagine who would pay so much for a layout but this woman is the champion of selling them high...hundreds of dollars high even! Check out some of her work on her ebay profile.

So here is what I have done so far...I think the cow is the cutest little thing ever! It's all cut with SCAL...can you believe the cows collar is a moon?!

Hope you all are having a great week and please please please don't miss the chance to say I love you...

Monday, May 17, 2010

..::More Doom and Gloom!::..

I am going to once again ask you all to pray. This time for 3 little children and their families. A neighbor - basically in my backyard- had twin boys 3 months ago. I would watch her pack them to the car and back and think she has it rough. I even at one time said to Brent "can you imagine having two Tobias'?" She also has 2 little girls. Older but still little.

Very early Saturday morning one of the babies died. She's been charged with Reckless Homicide. The story the news tells just doesn't add up and I'm trying not to pass any judgments. I did not "know" them. Whatever the case may be - one little boy will grow up without his twin brother and 3 children will have to say goodbye to a baby brother. 3 children will grieve the loss of a brother - without their mother. NEVER should this happen. This has been so hard on me as a mom to look out my kitchen window and know a baby died in "that house" what could I of done differently? How could I of helped her to help her babies?

Please say a prayer for these babies and once again - hug the ones you love a little tighter, and make sure they KNOW you love them - tomorrow is not promised.

Friday, May 14, 2010

..::a little hiatus::..

I haven't been around much lately and probably won't be much for another week-ish. It's been a stressful week and only two more weeks and things should calm down. With all the change- Trever is having a hard time, The dear lady who bub volunteers with and we all love so very much - her son died - on Mothers Day. I can't think of anything worse and my heart breaks so very much for her. She is the sweetest woman I have ever known and I pray every day for her to keep strong. Please say a prayer for her. I'm trying hard to get in scrap mode but it's just not in me at the moment.

I hope you all are having a fantabulous week/weekend and hug the ones you love a little tighter...you just never know when it might be the last ever hug...


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