Monday, December 6, 2010

..::Tobias Baking::..

Just wanted to share a photo of my baby "making" (more like eating) his first batch of cookies. He tasted a bit of everything but he loved the brown sugar (EWW!) the most and his face is just priceless when it comes to the chocolate chips! Over look his jammies he just had a nap and I promise they do fit him...his belly hangs out because Bub was helping him stand on the chair.


  1. Oh Sherry you crack me up!! Don't worry about that trust me it doesn't matter, lol!! He is ADORABLE!!!! I love his pj's too cute!! Anyway does it matter Cooper is HUGE and we have a time finding things that do fit...and to boot Dusty is the opposite he just now wears 18months and he is 2 1/2. He is tiny. Weighs 26 lbs. and Coop 51 lbs....I know those cookies were YUMMY!!! I have to work tonight so gotta go pack...yuck! Love beign there but hate to pack stuff can be mind boggling. Have a sweet day!! Hugs to Tobias! Dawn

  2. Adorable As Always! And... Monkeys too! I love them. I think my boys spent most of their time with their belly's hanging out! and one sock on and one off, and shoes...I never could find them! These are the things you should never worry about. It's good that he's doing all the wonderful things that kids do!
    What a cute photo, tanks for sharing the little guy! Hugs to you



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