Wednesday, December 8, 2010

..::Christmas Card::..

I made this card for a dear friend and her family. She has cats and loves them and her Don loves to fish so what better card could there be?! I think it turned out pretty darn cute!!

~*~ Tobias had his surgery today. It went very well. The Dr. could NOT find ANYTHING unusual once he got in there except a muscle seems to be thickened and he's thinking that is whats causing the knot. I need to speak with Tobias' Dr. and just make sure this matches up with the sonogram where they confirmed the lymph node and then I'll be happy this nightmare is over and it turned out to be NOTHING!! ~*~

Hope you all have a great evening!!


  1. Oh THANK GOODNESS!!! I have been worring about, I know how scared and worried you have been. I'm sorry it took me so long to get back over to your blog.....I just run out of time on darn leg pain is back....Bruce says I need to stop acting like I'm a superwomen and slow down...yeah can't do that! LOL! I LOVE the card it is perfect and I know she will love it! Just too flippin cute! The cuts are beautiful and the sugar coated paper was perfect for water! Awesome! So glad you made the truly made my day to hear that!! Hugs to ya, Dawn Gallop

  2. Hey sweetie, I love the card and Don in his laid back I don't want to appear too cute attitude said 'Nice'! lol It was a perfect fit for us! You are such a thoughtful friend! Thanks a bunch.
    I hope Tobias has gotten over the trauma of the whole ordeal. Didn't you say that he took out his own stitches? What a kid!!!!



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