Monday, November 30, 2009

..::Tobias and the Pumpkin Patch::..

Everything cut with SCAL again. Except the circles and scalloped circle. I am so frustrated with those. Ever since the last update for Design Studio I have the most rediculous looking circles. They wouldn't even make a respectable egg...What can you do? Smile and nod and pretend your circles look halfway "normal"...This is not my favorite layout but it's not bad. More cut files from My Scrapchick. I still have to add some bees...After his photo op...I picked him up and found a swarm of bees in the pumpkins all around him!!!

Hope you all have a great week!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

..::Tobias' Thanksgiving Layout::..

Well Tobias loved his first Thanksgiving! He loves cranberries and pumpkin pie. He was sick with a cold on the big day too :( He is starting to feel better today though! I got the bear patterns from My Scrapchick...I love that place! If you sign up for the newsletter you get a free pattern e-mailed to you once a week. These bears were free! and beautiful! I changed the colors of their clothes and I made the basket to be woven. That took forever!!!!!!!!! It was all cut using SCAL. I am loving the fonts...This one really worked for this layout!

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

..::Card I made for mom::..

I made this for my mom. I embossed everything in silver and used flower soft on the angels wings. I think it turned out OK it has a blue tint to it but it's all white ...

..::What I'm Working On::..

It's been crazy this week. Every single day loads scheduled...can not wait until Saturday when I can once again breathe! I scrapped this picture once already but when this idea came to me um, 2 months ago I had to get started! I'm still not finished but I really like the way its coming about. LOADS of carts used on this one.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

..::Quick Post!!::..

Office Max has the elf yourself up and running so you know I could not resist elf-ing my baby!!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

..::Bubs Birthday Card::..

When I found this svg I knew what I was going to do with it. It played a major role in my purchasing SCAL when I did even. I love the way it turned out altho the colors are a little off. I hope he loves it. (being 15, he loves skulls...) I got the file from this site .

**Kim - I so love scal. I have both the baby bug and the expression. I use the expression ALL the time. SCAL is so versatile I can even draw my own things with Paint Shop and then cut them out. I am rusty at drawing graphics tho :( I have a lot of fun with this tho. There is a little learning curve but it is so worth it! I got mine at CanadaCrafts it was the cheapest around. I was able to get both the download with code e-mailed AND get a disc mailed to me!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

..::MoNkEy BuTt::..

I am having the time of my life with SCAL! I made my first SVG of this fabulous little monkey! Oh he is the cutest monkey ever! And if that wasn't enough! I made my own jungle leaf svg too! The font is "jungle bones" ...I love it! You can't see it but there are little eyes in the dot above the I and in the lowercase L.

Monday, November 9, 2009

..::Sure Cuts A Lot::..

I remember when this program first came about...I wanted zero things to do with it. I was afraid it would tear up my cricut and what could this program possibly bring to my lil world of scrap booking. Well let me tell you...they don't call this thing sure cuts a lot for no reason! It sure cuts a lot! I am still learning my way around it all but wow the possibilities are endless! NO more font carts for me - EVER! One of the things I could not wait to make was Curious George. I do so love that little monkey! but then, I found the Grinch! I love this program and I am excited to make a layout with it tomorrow. In the meantime I am going to go jump in the bed and dream of turning people into vectors ...I honestly dreamed that last night! I woke up just as I was getting mad that Brent wouldn't uh...hmm...vectorize?! Without further is the mean one...Mr. Grinch! I got the .svg file from Mardenz Just click her name and you will go right where you need to! :)

It's dark and the picture is very low quality :( and he has flock all over him! UGH!

Friday, November 6, 2009

..::Noahs Card::..

This morning Kim posted on her blog about a little boy named Noah that has Cancer and is dying and is collecting Christmas cards. I had this one made for a month at least now and when I read this I knew just what to do with that card. Say a prayer for Noah...

..::Quick get well card::..

I've got to tell you...I hate when little ones are sick. It's so much easier when a bigger person gets sick, they can tell us where it hurts etc. So when I hear of an under weather baby (they are all babies you know, someones baby) I have to make them a little something! I have zero time lately so this had to be a fast one but I hope he loves it and that it puts a smile on his little face!


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