Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I wanted to make something for the lady that Tyler works with twice a week. The end of this month she'll close the store for the season and Tyler is really not looking forward to that. He really likes being with her and learning from her.

I wanted to make her a little something so I made this layout of him and her and then I framed it. It's not the best job ever but I have had some serious issues with walking and couldn't spend the time I would of normally on it. I think it still turned out OK!

Hope you all are having a great week :)

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  1. Sherry it is STUNNING!!! She will LOVE IT!! Tyler was so lucky to have worked with her and she will treasure it!! Take care of yourself....I completely understand what you are going thru...walking....sitting...standing...but it will all be worth every second of it!! You already know that! I wish I was near ya...I would help out...I am still suffering from this darn sciatic nerve pain...crazy!! Hope everyone is doing GREAT!!! Give Tobias hugs and kisses for me!! Take care and HAVE A WONDERFUL INSPIRED weekend my dear friend!! Hugs, Dawn Gallop
    Oh yeah love all your cards!!! You are ROCKING 'em!! Thanks again for stopping know me...always behind!! (BTW that didn't start happing to me until baby #6) lol!! I was always on time...blah NO!!



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