Saturday, November 27, 2010

..::Dear Santa::..

When I seen this pattern I knew exactly why I HAD to have it!! One morning I woke up and something smelled so good! I didn't think much of it and proceeded to get out of bed and head to the bathroom. On the way I have to pass Tobias' bed. His bed looked odd...the cherry wood was gray! I then realized my baby boy resembled something close to Casper. It all started adding up...he was able to reach the baby powder off his dresser and had a grand time decorating his bed and himself...I didn't think we'd EVER be done cleaning that up! Silly boy! Thank God he was breathing OK, I was worried about his having inhaled all that!!

The pattern is from LSHD except the stocking is from Christmas Cheer, the coal I made in SCAL and the file folder and font I made in SCAL.

Hope you all have great weekend!!

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  1. Oh Sherry I know this one...I am laughing!! I have had Cooper and Dusty do this not too long ago..they just think it is so funny. They can do it in a blink of the!! Adorable page...the cuts are amazing! Hope you are doing great. Hugs, Dawn



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