Thursday, February 18, 2010

~*~ Pop Can Flutterby ~*~

OK so...maybe this has been done before and isn't new news to you all but it so is to me!! I know about a year ago someone said you could use paper punches on soda cans so I wondered if my cuttlebug would cut a soda can...and guess what?! It can!!!!! Here is the flutterby I made with a soda can/cuttlebug/alcohol inks/stickles...the ideas running my mind are endless!! And just in case you're wondering...the edges are not sharp in the least...the cuttlebug bends them over when the bug is cut! Now I must collect dies!!!

Happy Thursday!!


  1. Love your flutterbye! And I just happen to have some dies that I've been trying to get rid of...Look down on my blog and you'll see the pics...I think....If not let me know and I'll send you pix to see if you'd like any of them. What did you use to stick the glitter on? Or is that all stickles? And I love your little monkey blog! Take care of

  2. Gorgeous! This is new to me and I'm so very glad you shared this technique with us! These are stunning!
    Kim xXx



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