Sunday, January 2, 2011

..::A few Tobias Christmas Photos::..

Poor baby was so overwhelmed by Christmas. In the first photo he's doing his normal morning routine and looking to see who left what out that he can hurry and get before we notice. It was a good 15 minutes before he even noticed the gifts behind him...In the second photo he's finally discovered the giant monkey that wasn't wrapped in an effort to help his curiosity. And in the third photo he's discovered a way to get out of doing all the work of unwrapping!

My poor tree has never looked so horrible. Tobias really did a number on it this year - from stealing and hiding ornaments (I just found one in his bed yesterday! WHAT?!) to stealing my wooden "cranberries" and making himself a pull cord for his big truck...To top the tree nightmare off - he took the tree down the day after Christmas...luckily he wasn't hurt but we put it away that night!

Hope you all had a great Christmas and you all have an even better New Year!!!



  1. Oh so sweet Sherry, Tobias sounds like he had a field day with the!! I know it isn't funny but I do know about it!! LOL!! He was keeping the ornament in his bed for a keepsake...he must have really liked that one. The tree was beautiful. The monkey is cute! I still need to get our tree down, not today Dusty has that roto virus now....yeah! That must be what he picked up extra at the Dr.'s spreading the love. He is just miserable. So glad your Christmas was fun, and I know everyone had a great time. Hope you are resting and doing great. You won the blog candy on my blog, btw!! Take care, Dawn

  2. Oh yeah love the bloglift looks great!! I need one too ....well soon maybe!



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