Sunday, January 23, 2011

..::Brent's Valentine Card::..

I'm suppose to be doing very little...that gets boring fast. So I decided creating has to be good for my health! I'll just sit in the chair with wheels and roll myself around the room - no walking right?  At any rate here is the card I made for Brent so far. It just feels unfinished to me...

The stamp is a Unity Stamp I picked up at Archivers. I just thought it was so cute! I used Glossy Accents on the boots, umbrella, and the little hearts. I think it's cute but missing something - so we'll see!!

Hope you all have a great weekend!! Hope to make something more soon!


  1. Oh I love it! I think he'll love it too!I love the addition of the glossy accents. Perfect!
    Has the doc put you off your feet just like with Tobias? Hugs, and take care of you!

  2. Oh Sherry its just perfect....I know what you mean I too feel that way...I love it! I know Brent will too! The saying is just prefecto!!! I have been thinking of you often. I have too many coals on the fire it is getting too much even for! I am worried about ya! Only wish I was close to help ya out.You are at the stretch now...not much longer at all. Keep you feet up....stay on the couch as much as possible..I know it is tough.Keep in touch I miss hearing from ya! Giant Hugs and take it easy sweetie!!

  3. I am even more worried about you! I keep thinking of you of everyday...I will try to email ya later today...boys wanna be outside.
    Happy Valentine's Day!! Hugs, Dawn



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