Tuesday, January 11, 2011

..::Birthday Card::..

I love elephants! (and monkeys) so I could not resist making this card for a friend! (She should have it by now for sure so I figured it was safe to post)  I also love the little kid sayings stamps and when they were on sale at Hobby Lobby I couldn't resist that either!

Hope you all are having a great week! I'm very tired lately and having a mojo missing week :( I hope to make something today!


  1. how cute! love the little elephant

  2. SO so cute! What a wonderful card to get and the stamps are sweet! Love it!! The ballons are perfect! I know you are tired!! Not much longer now though! When I get out on Saturday I am gonna pick Takoda up something..any ideas??? Needs?? Just let me know.

  3. Very cute card! And I love monkeys to, but have never created anything with a monkey yet! It's one of my new year's res. for this year.. lol. :)

  4. Hey Sweetie, It just occured to me that I never got my card? I wonder what happened to it? My mail has been crazy lately. We aren't getting the sales fliers until almost time for them to be done! Don's mom's Christmas card just came last week!!!



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