Saturday, January 9, 2010

..::Tobias' First Snow::..

We had our first snow of the season Thursday and it was way too cold to take Tobias out and let him experience it. Soooo we brought the snow to him!!! He LOVED it. He was gobbling it up and cried and screamed when we took it away! Most everything is cut with SCAL except the pail that is from JOS! I'm going to take a better picture tomorrow in the sun...assuming we have some!

Happy Saturday!!


  1. WOW!! Girl this is so elegant yet PERFECT!!! Amazing...I LOVE IT!!! What a GREAT idea bringing the snow in!! I see he loved it!! Too cute...hey have you ever got any of the Rusty Pickle stuff?? Let me know...I love the snowmen on your blog...I need a face lift too on my blog, but that takes too much time right now. I popped on to look at the liquitex website and saw you had left me a glad you did!! Happy new year, Hugs, Dawn

  2. Awwww, how precious! He sure does look like he is loving the snow! Hey, we've got plenty, I could send you truck loads of it. Love the snowman too. I haven't even loaded my scal yet? Do you use the expression or little cricut?
    Kim xXx



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