Wednesday, January 27, 2010

~*~ Bee Mine ~*~

The action! Chalking all these honeycomb bits was painful! I think it's a pretty cute design tho! I couldn't sleep until I got this I went to bed at 4 am! I am crazy!


  1. Sherry this is awesome....I love it!! Did you use a punch?? What an adorable idea! The chalking is excellent and I know all about the staying too. That is the only time we have "me" time. I know I was up till 2 last night and then couldn't fall asleep but today I feel like I have a hangover. LOL!!! Love you cards, Dawn (btw give Tobias lots of kisses) I know already do!!! hAVE A GOOD ONE!!! :o)

  2. And was up in an hour with the little guy, I'll bet! It's adorable, love it.

  3. Sherry you are too funny, now I don't want you to think that way. Girl I have been doing this stuff my whole life and I am 41 soon to be 42yo, I try to tell everyone how to do whatever it is I am doing. The paper making is so easy just tear up scraps of paper could even be junk mail, put in a blender with about a cup of water , I'm sure there are recipes online, I use paper towels too and a small amount of elmers school glue and blend, then I take a screen could be old window screen and a piece of wood in the frame, pour the pulp into a tab such as one to soak your feet in and skim the pulp into the screen now pull up out of the water. take two paper towels and blot till alot of the water comes out then lay flat to dry. Easy and fun for the little ones, hands on! Then you have this fabulous colored handmade paper. HTH, Take sweetie and thanks so much for stopping by. Dawn

  4. Just checking on ya!!!! Take care hope all is well!! Hugs, Dawn



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