Tuesday, October 20, 2009

..::Tobias and Jesus::..

Finally!! I didn't think this would ever get done! I was so picky with it. This is the third layout...the other 2 I tore apart. I printed out the sheet music for Jesus Loves Me and inked it and roughed up my edges which gave it the ooomph I was wanting! All in all I think it turned out OK. Now Trev wants one too! First request he's made for a page...I am so excited to make him one!


  1. sniff, sniff...this is so very touching! I can see why Trev wants one. Love the sheet music and all the little details make this one so perfect!
    Kim xXx

  2. Oh Sherry this is a tearful one...so precious and so heartwarming!!!! Oh!!!! Love everything you have done here it just all flows sooo perfectly and the colors are GORGEOUS!!!! Love the wings!! The sheet music was so clever!!! Well done my friend!! I love it!! Hugs, Dawn Gallop (give Tobias some kisses from me)



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