Wednesday, October 28, 2009

..::I love choo!::..

This was a fast layout. I cut this paper up and did not use it the other day so I threw this together!
I have to put little hearts coming out of the uh what is that thing called...whatever the front pipe bit! LOL!


  1. such a precious layout and that photo is adorable! Love the little monkey and choo!
    kim xXx

  2. Sherry, You are toooo SWEET!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!! Plus THANK YOU!!!! I can't thank you enough!! I just had a few minutes to sneak up for a few seconds dh wouldn't get off Ebay!! Someone said I made the Chirper so had to see!! I love the Lil' Cowboy!!!! Awwww Tobias is so PRECIOUS!!!!!!! Love the los you have done!! You have been one busy gal!! I didn't get anything done today...Cooper has been sick...he is my 3 yo. The Halloween cards are incredible!! I love Choooo ....awwww the sweets ever!!!! I love the title and you know I had an idea....awwwwww !!!! Take Care, Dawn



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