Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I like the way this turned out but am still going to leave it on the kitchen table for a day to make sure I'm done with it...I wonder if anyone else does this?


  1. This is terrific! I'm thinking you think there's too much white space? I dont think so. It's perfect. I love the way it's Christmas, but not Christmasy...ya know what I mean? Did he build these robot thingy's? What a creative young man. Good job Bub!!

  2. Oops, I meant to say that I think that a lot of people do put some of their pieces aside because they feel unfinished. I don't know about leaving them on the table, my cat's love to lay on things lik that! lol Any thing you don't want them on, or anything on a flat surface, and clean laundry. They're all over that too! lol

  3. Hey Girly, since you read my blog you already know that I've given you an award. It's taken forever to get them from Eileens blog over to mine! lol Talk about computer illiterate. Anyway, There are now three of them for you. The first is The Honest Scrap award, you have to write 10 honest things about yourself then pass the award along to 7 others.
    The second is I Truely Appreciate Your Blog Support. (And I truely do!!!) Then pass it on to 7 others.
    The 3rd one is One Lovely Blog Award. And you're blog truely is lovely. You change it's look every now and then, which is fun. And of course you always share your lovely family which is wonderful too! This one says we're supposed to pass it on to 15 others! I don't know 15 others, so I'll just do as good as I can. And I expect you will too!



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