Wednesday, June 24, 2009

..::Blog Awards::..

I'm so excited to have blog awards!! I am so pressed for time it will be a bit until I can go through the process of leaving them for others...this is all still new to me! 2 awards are from Jessica and 2 are from Lynn!! I was so suprised and excited because...when I started scrapping I admired her work (not that I still don't!) but she was always the person I looked to post on the cricut boards and now I'm going to stalk (follow for some!) her blog so I can admire whenever I so desire!!

Thanks girls!!

1 comment:

  1. Hy Girlie, I'm glad you were able to get them over to your blog! Did my message help you? I wasn't sure I was being clear enough. lol, I kept going back and forth from blog to message to be sure I was getting it right! lol But either way I'm glad you got them. It's such fun to have someone think you're work, or your blog, is worthy. Enjoy and you're welcome.



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