Wednesday, April 21, 2010

..::Thanks a Melon::..

A little card I made for a lady who is the biggest blessing to my children EVER. I hope every special needs child has at least one person in their lives that makes them feel accepted and not excepted. This particular person never treated Trever "less than" when he wasn't able to talk...she talked to him as if he was talking back. To this day he still loves this woman. This same woman has allowed Bub to come and work with her a few hours twice a week. His new interest is gardening and she owns a vegetable/flower roadside store. He is so confident and so excited and so eager to learn and she is just as eager to teach him. Some things you just can't be grateful or thankful enough for...How do you repay such a blessing? A card seems so little for the amazing things she does...She is one of my heroes...


  1. I think the card will say it all. How lucky your boys are to have her in their lives! I'm so glad Bub has the chance to learn all about gardens. I wonder would he teach me after he learns? Hugs to you



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